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WundaBar | Pilates Reinvented.

Adored by Hollywood’s elite and Olympic Gold medalists alike, WundaBar’s EXCLUSIVE, patented WundaFormer delivers 4 times the RESULTS- 4 times the ENERGY- 4 times the CHALLENGE and 4 times the FUN with a Reformer, Wunda Chair, Jump Board and Ballet Bar all in one!!

Before launching WundaBar Pilates, celebrity trainer and founder Amy (Sowers) Jordan was an entertainment marketing executive and loved the challenge of building global campaigns for powerhouse brands such as Spider-Man, Shrek and Curious George. Amy originally practiced Pilates in Hollywood as a hobby to achieve her fitness goals, but after ups and downs in her personal life, it became more than a workout – Pilates had become a motivating and mind-saving place for her.

After experiencing the amazing outcomes not only to her physique but also to her frame of mind, she decided to share that positivity with others in her hometown of Montrose, California, by opening her first Pilates studio in 2008. Her motivation was to bring health, strength, and good things to her clients’ lives and based on the hundreds of devoted new friends who work out with Amy, those objectives were achieved and then some!

Joseph Pilates originated the Pilates movement as an integrated and comprehensive system of physical exercise in the early 1900s, and millions have benefited ever since. After opening two energetic Pilates studios, Amy knew bringing Pilates to the people could be done – and it could be done better.

Amy’s enthusiasm for fun, fitness, people and Pilates all came together with the launch of WundaBar Pilates and the exclusive WundaFormer3 in 2011. WundaBar Pilates is the only studio featuring the WundaFormer – the latest, the greatest, the ONLY Pilates equipment you need to achieve unparalleled results faster than anything you’ve ever tried!

You may have seen exclusive, expensive and solemn Pilates studios in your neighborhood. But we have fantastic news for you, WundaBar Pilates is Pilates, reinvented… and it’s coming your way very soon!

Do you like high-energy music? Results beyond compare? A sleek physique with your best behind, lithe legs and amazing arms and abs?? So do WE!! And we deliver the tools to achieve it to our clients, every day.

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